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Mooring 3
Mooring 5
With Moorings 1c
Without Moorings 1d
Mooring Field Perimeter
Mooring 4
With Moorings 2
Without Moorings 2a
  • North River Shipyard illegally installed three commerical moorings in the Hudson River 7 years ago

  • Finally, after the Shipyard became aware that it would be subject to a lawsuit it applied to the Army Corps for an after-the-fact permit

  • UNEPF has obtained the full Mooring Permit.  The Public Notice is defective.  It does not state the true sets of activities to be approved and doesn’t not clearly state the impact to area.  This Permit seeks to (i) encumber 45 acres of water, over one square mile, with moorings and barges – 10x more than what is on the face of the Application and (ii) prewire multiple dredging events without regulatory oversight and no duty to perform customary impact studies.

  • In addition, the Shipyard is attempting to sneak through dredging approval without oversight.

  • To stop the Permit, access a sample message and email it to the Army Corps and your Representatives immediately! - click here

  • Alternately, UNEPF can send the form opposition response on your behalf. - click here

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